DermaGrid is an online skin-terrain analysis that evaluates your dermal characteristics:

  • Evaluating contour
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Smoothness
  • Surface properties
  • Complexion and color variances

By simply submitting a photo, gender, age, wt, & height via link below. (You will be contacted for payment over phone when we get your information).

Based on the results, a nutritional and cleansing program can be generated specific to your needs. You can learn ways to maximize your appearance and wellness, as your skin does tell so much of what is going on inside.

Nutrient markers identify nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that may be supportive, while hydration and oxygenation levels help to identify skin replenishment needs. Cellular turnover rates, identify rejuvenation rates and aging processes.

Intrinsic factoring offers information on internal influences on skin appearance (hormones, etc.). Exposure (UVA, etc.) and toxin (pollutants, etc.) markers can provide protection protocols (antioxidants, essential fatty acids, etc.) and cleansing support needs.

The results are provided in a condensed report via email sharing nutritional & supplement protocols.